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Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 7 months ago

Welcome to the UCGO English community Wiki. If you want to edit this Wiki, ask for the password on the IRC channel - #gundamonline @ zirc.org, or ask people from the team Londo-Bell.


This page is a public resource to help english-speaking gamers find their way into this normally japanese-only MMO, navigate the menus, learn the play mechanics and find other players to play with. Please navigate via the sidebar to the right.


Right now, this page is under heavy construction (not really). If you think you can help with any part of the site, please do so!


If there's anything missing here that was on the old wiki (or the newer wiki), feel free to port it over.


Announcement - 8/08/07


I just found out that Universal Century Gundam Online is going to be cancelled on 15th of December. If you have paid up until 1st of October, it's free to play until 15th of Dec, but the main thing is that the game is going down after such a short period of playability for us non-Japanese. Note that the old guide for getting into the game no longer works due to some kind of changes to their ticket system, which is a bummer. I have been waiting for that next update personally, but apparently it has been pointless... This Wiki, however, will stay up for as long as this pbwiki lets it stay up, as a reminder of the Gundam MMO that had so much potential which was wasted so thoughtlessly.


Well, it was nice as long as it lasted.




EDIT: http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/genmessage.php?board=921701&topic=37956967 <- that site has a guide how to get in until the time ends!


Announcement - 5/01/07


I would like to make a important announcement to all of the English community. It is imperative not to take anything, i mean anything, that is not yours. One of the few Japanese crafters that can speak English (zeon side) has announced she will not be crafting mobile suits or weapons for any English speaking players 

due to the the recent outbreak of English players stealing. I would advise anyone that has stolen or have ideas of stealing just don't think about yourself, think about the community as a whole. I'm sure the community would not like to be labeled as a thief.


If anyone has any questions about this issue feel free to contact Noclip or any of the Londo-Bell members.


(Update: The issue with the crafter has been somewhat resolved)





Edit: as a minor clarification, he means even those unowned suits and weapons lying around the hanger, the Japanese players do that to transfer from crafters to fighters on the same account, it is an unwritten agreement that they not be taken. Now this may not be seen as stealing to some, but this is the culture here and we all will do well to heed it. If you really want suits, appoach Taylor Made in Brisbane, I will craft you one (assuming I'm awake).


Taylor Made


Minor Update - 04/24/07

New Page:

Added a translated page with the offcial FAQ for those curious about the game.


Major Update - 12/12/2006!

New suits:

MS-09R Rick Dom - Variant of the Dom fitted for space combat.

MSM-07E Z'Gok Experimental - A second-generation Z'Gok. Far cooler-looking.

Full Armor Gundam - Heavily armored weapons platform. Tons o' guns.

RX-78-3 G-3 GUNDAM - Fantastically expensive third-gen Gundam variant.

RGM-79 Cold Combat Type - Long-range oriented GM with good radar and sniping capabilities.


New vehicle class:

Aircraft! A mix of fighters and helicopters for both Federation and Zeon, purchasable at your local vehicle store. Perfect for scouting in PvP engagements, especially in the more treacherous environments of the PvP cities.


New weapons:

Beam Bazooka - Beam cannon, only usable by Doms and all its variants.


Contested Cities:

Two new cities were added, Richmond and Newman, (originally) belonging to the Zeon and Feds respectively. These cities have cheaper vendor items and are ground zero for pvp. There is a system where each city is attackable for 1 hour between 3 hour cease fires. You can see the time until war on the new Strategy tab and a server wide message is broadcast every time. The cities themselves are surrounded by terrain and the objective is to ?take over? five towers around the city. You have to accomplish this 5 times in order to take complete control of a city.


New Bug:

If you get a system message 5 minutes after you log in that ends with a 67 and cause you to logoff, the server didn't recognize you as being ingame... I think. To check if the message will occur, see if you can open your community page or see local chat. If you can't do one of these, keep relogging until you can.


NOTE: This is actually a new version of the old Wiki which is still at ucgo.pbwiki.com. It was no longer updateable because the password was lost in time, which is why this site was done.


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